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Home Go2SHOP NOW Home Go2The benefits of natural Essential Oils have been known for 6000 years. We bring you these benefits on the go. Anywhere. Anytime. For a better you. Home Go2EUCALYPTUS
Uplifting and promotes clear breathing

Stimulating and aids focus

Helps to combat feelings of fatigue
Home Go2Home Go2 I am the ENERGY stick, it’s my job to help support performance when your battery is running low, I am there for sports or just a plain old recharge.

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Home Go2SHOP NOW Home Go2Sense of smell is our most powerful sense. Studies have shown that inhaling the aroma from various Essential Oils can stimulate an area of your brain called the limbic system, this is where emotions, behaviours, sense of smell, long term memory, heart rate & breathing are all controlled. Home Go2ROSEMARY
Supports memory function

Stimulating and aids focus

Uplifting for the body and mind
Home Go2Home Go2The FOCUS stick. It’s my job to help with concentration and keeping you on the ball, allowing your brain to work with 100% clarity.

Home Go2SHOP NOW Home Go2The unique blend of 100% natural Essential Oils has been carefully selected for purity and performance. Home Go2CARDAMOM
Promotes a feeling of calmness and warmth

Relaxing and soothing to body and mind

Helps promote an inner calm

Deeply relaxing and promotes wellbeing
Home Go2Home Go2The B.CALM stick. It’s my job to be there for those ‘can’t do this’ moments, I promote complete inner peace and together we kick stress and nerves away. Together we’ve got this.
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Home Go2SHOP NOW Home Go2Essential Oils have once again become a main feature in modern living. Easier, accessible, and now on the go. Home Go2LAVENDER
Relaxing and soothing to body and mind

Supports restful sleep

Promotes a sense of inner peace and contentment
Home Go2Home Go2The SLEEP stick. It’s my job to help promote a better quality of sleep. No need to stare at the ceiling any more, you can stop counting sheep and count
on me instead.
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