5 years to 50….Don’t count me out!

In any sport, if you’ve been a competitor for most of your life, there comes a point where the realisation of age hits you like a ton of bricks. For me, that moment was during a tournament on the wrestling mat. Smack in the middle of a match, it hit me head on like a ton of bricks. 

My opponent was more than half my age and seemed twice as quick and twice as strong. Whilst in my mind I’m still 20 years old, my body has other ideas and a completely different tack on reality. This became very apparent during my last match when I needed to give that extra power, and really dig deep, but I just couldn’t get the same results as I once could.

You see, freestyle wresting is like a super speedy human chess game.  Every move is thought out, risk assessed and executed within a split second. The goal is to out-fox, dominate and outmanoeuvre your opponent. This requires both great physical conditioning as well as Brain power and the ability to keep the brain zoned-in, sharp and high performing.

This brings me to my solution, Peppermint ! Natures brain buzz and a natural high Octane fuel for your brain. It also has the ability to open up airways, increasing oxygen delivery and ultimately resulting in the increased ability to focus.  

Having worked closely with a prominent aromatherapy consultant and the UK’s leading authority on Essential Oils, the A-T-C (Aromatherapy trade council),and having gone through years of testing, I can say that the power of peppermint essential oil yield incredible results for me and for many other high performing athletes. It is for anyone and everyone who wants and needs a natural, healthy pick me up option.   

Sufficient research has been undertaken and published to make indicative claims on the benefit of essential oils, to name but a few :-

US National Library of Medicine:


Full article by Dr Mercola:


At the end of the day, we’re all in search of those incremental gains. Most of us in a clean, 100% natural way. The GO2 inhaler sticks were created for that very reason, and for me they’re tools designed to help take on the every day curveballs that life throws, and yes, for that extra push of energy on the wrestling mat when my body is feeling its age. So don’t count me out just yet. I’m still very much in the game. 

About Marc Shipman

Marc is the founder of the GO2 brand and visionary force who brought the brand architects together. He has been an entrepreneur since a young age, owning brands in both the beauty and professional hair care market. Marc is also an active property developer. He is a father of three and lives a very busy lifestyle, which partly includes wrestling and Schutzhund dog training. The GO2 brand came about as a result of this very busy lifestyle.

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