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Mental Health Awareness Week More Important Now Than Ever Before With the country slowly emerging from lockdown woes, our experts are warning that now it is more important than ever to look after those suffering with mental health issues. Mental Health illnesses have been on the stark rise since the
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5 years to 50….Don’t count me out!

In any sport, if you’ve been a competitor for most of your life, there comes a point where the realisation of age hits you like a ton of bricks. For me, that moment was during a tournament on the wrestling mat. Smack in the middle of a match, it hit
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A mums life …

My weekday morning starts with repeating myself over and over, brush your teeth, get your breakfast, where’s your shoes, did you pack your bag? I even get fed up of the sound of my own voice! I’m not alone as I know this is the life of most other mums
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In this Saturday post, sitting here with a stinking cold and ENERGY stick in-hand, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce an essential oil which is probably one of the more recognised ones, and one that’s definitely helping me out today – the fresh, airway clearing Eucalyptus globulus
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Bringing any brand to market is a major undertaking, but bringing a brand like GO2 to market, a brand which is so personal to me, especially as the products have literally changed my life, is even more of an undertaking. Each step of the process has been about detail. Sourcing