Always find the positive!

At the moment, we’re all living very different lives to that of what we thought we’d be living. 

2020 will forever be remembered as the year when the world came to a stop.  When people came together, reprioritised, and unified to fight an invisible enemy. It’s safe to say that we are all changed people and the world will never really fully go back to what was. 

At GO2 we’ve seen an incredible increase in demand for our sticks. It started with a higher need for the B.Calm and Sleep sticks, clearly demonstrating how the country was feeling 6 weeks ago, anxious and unable to settle. But over time, this changed, and a demand for the Energy sticks boomed. As people settled in to the life of lockdown a new reality was accepted, and in the most British way, we all got on with it. We’re exercising more, cooking more meals from scratch and eating together as families. All stats point to one conclusion, we’re trying to take care of what’s important. Our families and our well being. This has been the silver lining during a dark and tragic global crisis.  

The NHS have rightly so, become national heroes. The essential workers that are keeping our society running are now being admired by celebrities, not the other way around. We’ve found inspiration from Captain Tom and, despite all of us feeling the financial pinch, we’ve given to the NHS in the millions. This is truly a time of contradictions and a time when a nation came together. 

At GO2 we’re trying to do our part as well. As a way to say thank you we’ve donated essential oil sticks to NHS and key workers. And on the backend of the government encouraging manufacturers, we’ve moved resources over to produce essential items like alcohol hand gel and wipes, where 10s of thousands will be donated to the NHS and care homes. During these very unprecedented times, small businesses and brands have found a new sense of purpose, all trying to contribute to the needs of the nation whilst protecting their teams and the livelihoods that their families depend on. 

These are strange, strange times, and adaptability, flexibility and out of the box thinking has been key for all of us. From parents who are now running home schools in the kitchen, to the office workers keeping things going via zoom from their bedrooms. It’s safe to say that despite the horrors of COVID-19, sunlight has been able to shine through. And that is something that none of us ever can, or will forget. 

About Benjamin Shipman

Benjamin has spent the past 20 years working with brand development and management across a broad selection of industries, from tech to fashion. He now owns brands in different industries, including hair care and wellbeing. Brother of the GO2 founder, and self-proclaimed GO2 'addict' he is excited to work hands-on with his brother and the team, bringing the GO2 brand to life.

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