As the UK is placed under tougher coronavirus restrictions, stress, anxiety and depression continue to soar.  With widespread lockdowns being re-imposed this is just set to intensify.

A major study into the mental health impact of the pandemic found that in the early stages of lockdown, 57% of those who took part reported symptoms of anxiety, with 64% recording common signs of depression.

The study conducted with King’s College London asked more than 3,000 UK adults about their mental health as lockdown restrictions were enforced earlier this year. The researchers looked particularly at which groups were most affected by stay-at-home measures and what issues they found most challenging.  Women, young people and those with pre-existing medical conditions were found to be the most concerned about the pandemic but could the answer for many lie in the benefits of our essential oils in a handy inhaler stick?

The benefits of essential oils have been known for over 6000 years as a way to calm the senses and reduce anxiety and could provide a natural remedy to ease anxiety in the current climate. Our GO2 B.CALM inhaler stick helps to promote inner peace for those feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or simply needing a break.  

With a blend of Cardamon to promote a feeling of calmness and warmth, Lavender to relax body and mind, Bergamot to enhance inner peace and Sweet Orange to stimulate wellbeing, these handy inhaler sticks bring a relaxing mood boost when worries become too much.

Founder of our GO2 brand of wellness products, Marc Shipman said: “It is scientifically acknowledged that a state of stress increases our reliance on our senses, and the sense of smell is a key player in dialling down our anxiety levels.  The scent-brain connection shows that sniffing certain fragrances can have a major impact on mood and have been shown to lower nervous energy and trigger a resting response in the body.  With a nation seemingly on red alert during the pandemic, the option of a natural remedy to support us through the next phase is fast becoming a solution of choice for many as we have seen demand soar in the past few months alone.”

About Benjamin Shipman

Benjamin has spent the past 20 years working with brand development and management across a broad selection of industries, from tech to fashion. He now owns brands in different industries, including hair care and wellbeing. Brother of the GO2 founder, and self-proclaimed GO2 'addict' he is excited to work hands-on with his brother and the team, bringing the GO2 brand to life.

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