Mental Health Awareness Week More Important Now Than Ever Before

With the country slowly emerging from lockdown woes, our experts are warning that now it is more important than ever to look after those suffering with mental health issues.

Mental Health illnesses have been on the stark rise since the spread of Covid19 and this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 10th – 16th May 2020 is  pushing for wider community support for people affected by mental illness with its theme of nature; and the power that connecting with the great outdoors can bring.

Benjamin Shipman, Marketing Director here at GO2 couldn’t agree more with this year’s theme and said: “During these terribly difficult times for everyone, I can’t emphasis enough that maintaining mental health is just as important as social distancing itself.  Anxiety and depression can creep up on people and for some it can be debilitating needing careful treatment and therapy.” 

A poll only taken recently by Ipsos-MORI found 62 percent of Britons said they found it harder to stay positive about the future since the pandemic outbreak, and 55 percent were struggling to stay positive day to day.

Benjamin is urging people to recognise the signs and symptoms of those that may not even realise they have developed a mental health issue over the past 12 months adding: “These statistics are a sobering thought of the state of the nation at the moment.  Recognising that someone needs help has been even harder during these times as we haven’t been there to personally see them day to day; and for those struggling  now is a critical turning point for them that needs to be carefully navigated together.

“Signs that someone may be in need of help could be subtle such as avoiding that phone call, opting out of the family garden get together at the last minute, not responding to messages as they normally would or by becoming less like themselves in their responses when they do.  With this year’s theme of nature regular check in’s with friends and loved ones even for a walk in the park taking a moment to see, hear and feel nature will help motivate individuals and keep them talking.  As the old adage goes, it’s good to talk.”

To further support those struggling with mental health, our range of GO2 inhaler sticks can also be seen as nature’s best friend in supporting people and we encourage everyone to simply carry one of our handy pocket sized sticks with them at all times too.

The benefits of essential oils have been known for over 6000 years as a way to calm the senses and reduce anxiety and could provide a natural remedy to ease anxiety in the current climate. Our GO2 B.CALM inhaler stick helps to promote inner peace for those feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or simply needing a break.  

With a blend of Cardamon to promote a feeling of calmness and warmth, Lavender to relax body and mind, Bergamot to enhance inner peace and Sweet Orange to stimulate wellbeing, these handy inhaler sticks bring a relaxing mood boost when worries become too much

About Benjamin Shipman

Benjamin has spent the past 20 years working with brand development and management across a broad selection of industries, from tech to fashion. He now owns brands in different industries, including hair care and wellbeing. Brother of the GO2 founder, and self-proclaimed GO2 'addict' he is excited to work hands-on with his brother and the team, bringing the GO2 brand to life.

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