I used to drink an obscene amount of coffee, something I think many of us workaholics can identify with. I even had one of those quick capsule machines (brand name shall be anonymous, but George Clooney does front it) in my office. Each time I needed a quick break, there I was, hitting the button and a shot of espresso would rush through my system. By the end of the day, I must have consumed 10 – 12 of them. Very healthy living I know! Part of it was an absolute need for an energy boost, but a big part of it was most definitely just habit and a learnt behaviour. Either way, come night time I would be so jacked up on caffeine that falling asleep would always feel like a futile mission.

Today, I still love coffee. In fact, I have become a real snob about it. I no longer use the George Clooney machine and have replaced it with a stove cafetière I picked up when in Italy last summer. But the real big change in my coffee consumption habits is how much I drink. Instead of consuming an outrageous 12 cups a day I will now only have two. One with breakfast, and one at work.

So what changed? After my brother properly introduced me to the world of essential oils, I was trialling some sticks he had blended, and without consciously realising, they had over the months changed my behaviour. I was drinking less coffee and had replaced those quick espressos with a sniff of my new inhaler stick. It really had sneaked up on me, and it all happened very gradually. But, I remember the moment when I knew I was hooked. One morning after pulling out of my close, a wave of panic hit me as I realised I had forgotten my sticks. I pulled over and frantically checked all my pockets. No sticks. Right ahead of rush hour traffic I turned the car around and headed back home to get my GO2 sticks. That’s when I knew. I was habitually hooked, and what a great, natural thing to be hooked on.

During the day my main go-to GO2 sticks are ENERGY and FOCUS. The ENERGY stick has this way of invigorating and energising me. Its blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass gives me that boost I need when flagging, which is not something I can afford to do. The FOCUS blend, with rosemary, peppermint and lime really give me that added focus. I find it’s an amazing help when working stationary in front of a screen, like now for example, whilst writing this blog post.

It was two years ago when I turned back for my sticks. That’s when I knew that this was something I simply had to be part of. The GO2 Inhaler sticks are not a wishy-washy hocus-pocus fad product, nor do they require a BS marketing spin to create a market. They just need to be experienced. For me it was simple, GO2 was an eye-opening, new (all be it 6000 years in the making) way of existing in this ridiculously busy, at times synthetic and pressure-filled world. The GO2 brand slogan, ‘a better you’, is based on own personal experience. It really did help shape a better version of myself. Others would say an even more focused, energised and to the relief of so, so many people around me, a calmer version.

About Benjamin Shipman

Benjamin has spent the past 20 years working with brand development and management across a broad selection of industries, from tech to fashion. He now owns brands in different industries, including hair care and wellbeing. Brother of the GO2 founder, and self-proclaimed GO2 'addict' he is excited to work hands-on with his brother and the team, bringing the GO2 brand to life.

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