As long as I can remember I have been living with essential oils. As a young girl, my mum would sprinkle different oils around the house, on my clothing, in the car, even on my school bag. My amazing mother came from what some might view as a holistic background. She spent her 20s exploring Asia and the Middle East and a big part of that experience included learning as much as she could about the powers of essential or aromatic oils, as they were called back in the day (of 4500 B.C.E). When she was 28, she had me. The travelling reduced, but over the years to come she managed to pass on her love, passion and knowledge of all things oily and essential, hence the rosemary oil sprinkled on my backpack as an 11 year old pigtailed girl.

Eventually, I went on to study to become a pharmacist, which I practised for a few years, but whilst pregnant with my oldest, I found my way back to what was truly in my DNA, the world of essential oils. Now I am a mother of two, live a very active lifestyle, including triathlons, and get to work with and spend time talking about something that I love and believe in. I firmly believe that I am blessed. I now get to help others understand and benefit from the powers of natural essential oils. This, in addition to the brand being such a brilliant idea, is just another reason why I am thrilled to be invited to write for the GO2 blog. Sharing is after all caring.

The first oil I would like to touch on is one that most of you will know you know, but you won’t know that you know you know. If you are a tea drinker, in particular, Earl Grey, then you may have wondered what that sweet citrus uplifting flavour is. Well, that’s Bergamot. It’s a very bitter citrus fruit that produces an extremely sweet oil, making it a hero ingredient in the childhood popular Turkish delight.

But what are the benefits of this sweet oil, named after an Italian town? Bergamot oil is very high in flavonoids, which in turn promote the production of serotonin and dopamine, also knows as the happiness hormone. This increased production helps relax both the body and mind. It’s an essential oil that is known to lighten heavy hearts and put a pep in your step.

When feeling anxious, restless or stressed, then Bergamot is the oil to look for. Which is why it can be found in the GO2 B.CALM Inhaler stick, blended together with Cardamom, Lavender and Sweet Orange, oils we will look into at a later date.

In addition to the calming benefits that come when inhaling Bergamot oil, ingesting or applying topically (both with strict guidelines to follow), Bergamot oil comes with many additional perks. From preventing infections in cuts and scrapes, reducing pain to helping with digestive issues. This sweet oil, which has been known to most through Earl Grey consumption, will give you so much more than just a sweet flavour.

About Sara Stone

Sara is a licensed pharmacist and mother of two. From a young age Sara was influenced by the powers of essential oils, and when expecting her second child found her way back to the world of essential oils. Sara competes in triathlons and lives a very active lifestyle. We are now thrilled to have Sara as a guest blogger, where she will share her extensive knowledge and experiences of essential oils.

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